‘Formation in space’, 2018

TooT Artspace, St Kilda

My inspiration comes from studying the form, shapes and purpose of living things around me, learning from their physical and mental states. I begin with researching my subjects to gain a deeper understanding, after which I take apart those learnings to create something new, encouraging viewers to form their own interpretations of the work in front of them. Going through the process of researching and de-construction enables the final piece to be highly conceptual, yet directly linked to the physical and mental states of my subjects.

Formation in space began as a thought of how remarkable it is for cells from one individual to integrate into the tissues of another distinct person to form a new being.

I researched the concepts of cell movement and development during the gestation period, focusing on the cell exchange between mother and fetus, and it’s development. Mothers go through tremendous physical and mental changes during gestation with microchimeric cells travelling throughout their bodies, from lungs, to nerves and the brain. This cell exchange is fascinating and beautiful, connecting two individuals as one.

Formation in space explores this cellular connection and exchanges between mother and child, zooming in on the cells within the body and their movement, serving as a reminder of our interconnectedness.