Xenia Williams - Melbourne based mixed-media artist

Melbourne / Australia

xenia williams


mixed-media artist



My ideas are inspired by studying the form, shapes and purpose of animals and nature, taking on their foundations and capturing the movement of life.

Researching my subjects to understand how they move and look, I then take apart those learnings to create something new, representing emotion entwined with their natural move, expressing it in a spontaneous, yet bound piece through the use of mixed media and colour.

My goal is to inspire people to look more carefully, to study the details, and to form their own interpretations.


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Xenia Williams Design

Jewellery designed for funky and bold people who love to stand out from the rest. I am a creator and maker that encourages you to be different and always love what you wear. Unlike some of the other mass-produced items out there, mine are always hand made and are one-offs.


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Melbourne, Australia